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Breckwell Pellet Stoves

When starting your research for a Pellet Stove, one brand of stoves you would want to consider is the Breckwell pellet stoves. Breckwell has been making pellet stoves for over 30 years, with time proven experience and innovation.  Breckwell’s hard earned reputation has been driven with their focus of specializing in making pellet stoves.  Many manufactures try to be a jack-of-all-trades, meaning they want to appeal to a broader market by manufacturing gas stoves, wood stoves, and pellet stoves.  Regrettably the pellet stove usually is not the primary focus.  Often when they design the pellet stove it is so over engineered that only an engineer can work on the stove when it does not operate correctly.  This tendency has built up a large negative connotation about pellet stoves because the average person cannot understand their unit. Breckwell on the other hand has long since recognized this shortcoming of engineering, instead Breckwell has engineered a stove that is not only easy to replace parts on, but easy to diagnose with a built in diagnostic on the control panel. 

Style is always important to most consumers. Breckwell line of pellet stoves is designed to fit into any decor and or budget. From the basics of the Big E and the smaller Maverick to the very elaborate with a large panoramic window of the P2000 Tahoe featuring one of the largest viewing area of all pellet stoves, complete with a large selection of models to choose from.  Breckwell features a large line of accessories to complement the stove allowing you to customize the look so to fit the décor of your home.  Weather you want to add a log or a brick sets, basic black or nickel and or gold doors and louver.  Breckwell again is there for you.

Efficiency should always be considered when making a purchase of a pellet stove, as you will want to get as much heat as possible from every bag of pellets you burn.  Breckwell has tested to be over 90% efficient and will also meet all of the new clean burn certification requirements that may be required in your state, Thus assuring you that Breckwell can dramatically reduce the cost to heat your home. 

Breckwell’s in house-trained technicians are always ready to answer your questions and help you solve any operational questions or help diagnose any mechanical problems that may have arrived.  Breckwell’s dedication to consumer support, has set them apart in an industry that has tried to put the burden of warranty on dealers who may not have the resources necessary to address the problem, Breckwell’s customers have the option to contact Breckwell directly to get their problems solved.  As your pellet stove ages, you will want to be able to acquire the parts necessary to keep the stove functional.  Breckwell maintains a complete inventory of parts for their new and older unit that they have manufactured over the years.  Compared to other manufactures, which can makes their parts obsolete after a model change, which can require a purchase of a new stove.