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Gas Fireplace


Gas Insert

When to choose a Gas Insert

A fireplace gas insert is a convenient and affordable way to convert your existing wood burning fireplace into an attractive showpiece using the cleanliness and beauty of natural gas or propane gas. Gas inserts fit into your existing fireplace and use the existing chimney. Therefore they do not disrupt the existing floor plan of the room.
The first step in deciding which gas insert would work for you is to find out the dimensions of your existing fireplace.  To measure the dimensions, you would need to determine what type of fireplace you have.  Usually a house would have a masonry fireplace or a manufactured fireplace.

The easier of the two types of fireplace to get a measurement on would be a masonry fireplace. The masonry fireplace is usually made up of bricks, stone or cement blocks with a masonry chimney on your roof.  To get the dimensions you would need, you simply measure the width, height and depth of the opening of the narrowest portion of the fireplace.

The manufactured fireplace, which is a unit that has been manufactured for sheet metal, is harder to measure as more often than not, it has to be modified in order for an insert to be installed. Since it is very difficult for homeowners to determine which part of a manufactured fireplace can be modified, it is usually good practice to have an installer do a site inspection to determine what size of insert will fit.

Armed with the measurements of your existing fireplace, you may now go to a dealer of your choice to determine which fireplace insert would fit and work in your home. After that it would be a matter of personal preference to dress up the insert of your choice to complete your selection.

When to choose Direct Vent Fireplace

A Direct Vent Fireplace has the ability to enhance a room that does not have an existing fireplace. Direct vent Gas Fireplaces can create the mood of real wood, without the mess associated with a wood fireplace. In addition if you chose one of the more efficient models, the heat that is produced will actually become part of your heating system.

By using a direct vent fireplace, outside air is drawn through the outer wall of the chimney, thereby never using room air for combustion.This makes it a very safe installation as there is no chance for carbon monoxide to enter the room. The efficiency is also increased as the fire does not use room air for compbution.

The venting requirement of a gas fireplace is not as rigid as in wood fireplaces. The venting need not go all the way up the top of the roof. If the gas fireplace is situated in front of an outside wall, the fireplace could vent be vented straight through this wall. This flexibility on venting requirement allows gas fireplaces to be positioned in a variety of location in the home. In addition, Gas Fireplaces also come in a variety of styles ranging from the basic to the elaborate. This provides an almost infinite number of choices to compliment any decor you may have in your home. With such versatility, a gas fireplace becomes an ideal choice for many home owners seeking to enhance the value of their home.

When to choose a Gas Freestanding Stove

Freestanding gas stoves are an attractive and functional addition to any room. The stoves are available with multiple venting options and can go virtually anywhere in your house. A large variety of styles and sizes from cast iron or traditional looks with different exterior colors even with beautiful enamel finishes. Steel stoves are another option, they range as well from different sizes and designs with many decorative fronts and styles that can satisfy any home owner needs. Gas stoves are admired for their esthetic beauty and warmth that the gas stove brings into the home.

When to choose Gas Logs

Gas Log sets fit easily inside your existing wood fireplace providing fireplace ambiance with less mess then wood. Vented gas logs will require a glass door covering to enable the fireplace to be closed when not in use. While Gas logs are not an efficient way to heat your home, however they will have the closest and most natural look and beauty of a true wood fire.